Nefu PLABO Rear Camera | PLABO-REAR
Nefu PLABO Rear Camera | PLABO-REAR
June 7, 2013

Nefu Hardwire Kit | NEFU-HWC


  • Nefu Hardwire Kit
  • Installs Camera to Vehicle
  • Allows for Motion Detection
  • 12 Months Warranty


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Nefu Hardwire Kit

The Nefu Hardwire Kit comes in all dash cameras and is compatible with the Plabo 1 & 2 Channel cameras.

This kit allows the camera to be wired to the vehicles power system so that the motion detection can work over night. The Nefu Plabo has built in power monitoring that you can adjust through the downloadable app.

Wiring Instructions

Red – 12v + Accessory Power
Yellow – 12v + Constant Power
Black – Negative / Earth

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